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Avg. Daily Miles

Zero Days

*This mileage includes 17mi to resupply over Bishop Pass. The route itself is 195mi.

About The SHR: June 21st-July 13th

Most are familiar with the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Mountains of California. The Sierra High Route is the JMT’s big brother on steroids. I’ve included the JMT on here for reference of where the SHR goes. Note that the SHR is a route, meaning that much of the hike (~100mi) is cross country over talus, boulders, and alpine meadows. The more arduous navigation and hiking pays off in the solitude that is found in such remote places. I hiked with my friends Rockin’ and Why Not. We hiked early season, so there was plenty of snow to contend with still on the passes. The majority of the route is between 10,000-12,000ft. Mileages are significantly lower given the terrain and strenuous elevation gain/loss. Hope you enjoy the journey. This one was pretty grand!

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 16lbs. 12oz.
(inlcudes bear canister, ice axe, and microspikes)

Note: Posts are placed in order from most recent by default. I will reorder them chronologically once the hike is over.

Before The Hike

On The Horizon For 2016…

Let The Drumroll Begin! For 2016-2017 I’ll be hiking several high routes, the Wonderland Trail, and then heading down under. I’ll be in Australia and New Zealand this fall and I can’t wait!

During The Hike

Day 23: We Did It!

July 13th Horse Creek Pass(189.1)-Twin Lakes Trailhead(195) Mileage: 5.9mi Today was our last day...

Day 22: Ups and Downs

Day 22: Ups and Downs July 12th Cascade Lake(179.3)-Horse Creek Pass(189.1) Mileage: 9.8mi...

Day 19: Trail Day II

July 9th Blue Lake(143.8)-4mi from Tuolumne Meadows along Rafferty Creek(162.8) Mileage: 19mi...

Day 17: Full Spectrum Day

July 7th Inconspicuous Saddle N of Nancy Pass(128.1)-Lake Catherine(137.7) Mileage: 9.6mi Campsite...

Day 16: Nancy Pass Day

July 6th Reds Meadow(118.8)-Inconspicuous Saddle N of Nancy Pass(128.1) Mileage: 9.3mi Campsite...

Day 13: Shout Of Relief!

July 3rd Below Bighorn Pass(94.3)-Deer Lakes(109.7) Mileage: 15.4mi Campsite Elevation: 10,500ft...

Day 9: Trail Day!

June 29th Jct w/Bishop Pass Trail(40)-Above Evolution Valley(60.8) Mileage: 20.8mi Campsite...

Day 8: Feeling At Home

June 28th Bishop Pass/Bishop (40)-Jct w/Bishop Pass Trail(40) Mileage: 10mi (all side trail to...

Day 7: Zero In Bishop

Ah, it was a nice relaxed day of getting chores done in town. Why Not and I stayed in Bishop while...

Day 3: Using The Buffer

June 23rd Horseshoe Lake(16.5)-Marion Lake(22.6) Mileage: 9.1mi (includes 3mi side trip) Campsite...

After The Hike

A Zero In Lone Pine

I spent my Lone Pine day at LoveNote’s place. She has a laptop, so I was able to see the...

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