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2016 Wind River High Route Journal



Avg. Daily Miles

Zero Days

*This mileage includes 18mi to resupply at Big Sandy Lodge. The actual route is 95mi.


About The WRHR: July 23rd-31st

For the last few years, what is known as the Wind River High Route in Wyoming, has been the ~80mi route originally created by Alan Dixon and Don Wilson. Touted as some of the finest non-technical alpine hiking in the US. Ever since hiking through the Winds on the Continental Divide Trail, I’ve been wanting to return to spend more quality time in the Winds. Just last summer, Andrew Skurka published a route that expanded even more on Dixon and Wilson’s route to make it about 97mi. These two routes parallel each other yet overlap quite a bit in the middle. As a route, much of it is off trail with much lower mileage than there would be on an actual trail. The Skurka route goes a bit further north and south and makes some different choices at places in the middle. We ended up hiking the whole Skurka route and I noted thoughts each day on why we chose the way we did and if I’d choose that route again. This route has some amazing photos and the scenery I love in the Winds, but bear in mind that to pull this one off, it takes a lot of stamina, endurance, and luck with the weather. Our pace would be considered aggressive by most, so take that into consideration when planning your own WRHR. All of the Winds are great, so I wouldn’t say this choice is for everyone, but there is something for everyone to be found in the Winds. Enjoy.


 BASE PACK WEIGHT: 14lbs 6.8oz
(includes UrSack and microspikes)


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