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About The HRP & GR5: June 27th-?

This summer, I’ll be hiking in France on the Haute Route Pyrenees and the GR5 (French Alps). The HRP is 500mi/800km route that traverses the Pyrenees range, which runs along the border of Spain and France, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. The HRP is a mostly cross country route that takes the highest traverse of the Pyrenees between the more frequently hiked GR11 (in Spain) and the GR10 (in France). The GR5 that most hike is a 460mi/740km trail from Geneva to Nice/Mention in the French Alps paralleling the Italy border. It is a much more populated trail with many tourists because it is quite scenic, easier to access, and goes along a side of Mt Blanc. I think both hikes will be a nice balance for my first time hiking in Europe, and I am excited to spend some quality time in some mountains this summer. If there is time, I hope to add in the Hikers Haute Route in Switzerland.

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 12lbs. 15.4oz.

Before the HIke

Pre-Hike Paris Trip

I’ve had a packed few days in Paris and decided to write one long post highlighting the main...

Taking off for Paris

I’ve spent the last 5 days in Bozeman, MT visiting my brother and his family that I last saw...

Heading To France!

The hiatus is almost over! A new season of Walking With Wired kicks off in just two weeks! After a...

**Note that I’ve completed the Haute Route Pyrenees and am now on the GR5. The HRP posts are further below and the GR5 posts are near the top for easy access. All will be organized chronologically once back in the states in October. 

During the GR5

Transitioning To The GR5

I had a two day transition from the Haute Route Pyrenees to the GR5 in the French Alps. Before I...

During The Haute Route Pyrenees

Day 32: Border Balance

August 2ndVallée d'Eyne-Refuge de Pla GuillemCampsite Elevation: 7422ft/2262m*No mileage...

Day 21: Easing Back In

July 22nd Hospital De Vielha-Estany deth Cap deth Port Campsite Elevation: 7280ft/2219m *No...

Day 20: Village Vortex

July 21st Welp, today did not go as planned, but I'm sure not complaining at all! We left the...

Day 17: Alpine ROCKS!

July 18th Lac du Milieu-Refugio de la Renclusa Campsite Elevation: 7021ft/2140m *No mileage...

Day 16: Steady On

July 17th Along Rio Cinqueta-Lac du Milieu
Campsite Elevation: 5164ft/2510m *No mileage available....

Day 5: Pic d’Orhy Glory

July 6th Chalet Pedro/D 18-Near Cabane d‘Ardaneé Campsite Elevation: 4374ft/1333m *No mileage...


July 5th Port de Cize/Col Lepoeder-Chalet Pedro/D 18 Campsite Elevation: 3387ft/1032m *No mileage...
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