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About The PCT:

I heart the PCT!!! The Pacific Crest Trail was my first thru-hike and it was quite the introduction. A record setting snow year made this trek from Mexico to Canada more of an expedition at times. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I’m grateful to have had. What a challenge! Hiking the PCT taught me that I never want to have any “what ifs” in life and to just go for things rather than sitting in a state of wanderlust. Almost all of these entries were posted as I hiked, using my iPhone nightly to journal in my tent, after hiking usually 20-30 miles from sun up to sun down. I know how helpful this journal can be to others preparing for a thru hike, so I made this page to hopefully ease the frustration of navigating through all my archives.


Before The Hike

During The Hike

Day 1…It Begins!
Day 1: One of the Best!
Day 2: Kick Off
Day 3: Workin’ Out the Kinks
Day 4: Word of the Day…WINDY!!!
Day 5: Heat, Hills, and Hulu
Day 6: Heat, Hills, Hundred,…HOTDOGS!!!
Day 7 & 8: A Nero and A Zero
Day 9: Closer to Paradise
Day 10: Scenery and Paradise
Day 11: A Draining Day in the Clouds
Day 12: A Zero in Idyllwild
Day 13: Fuller Ridge
Day14: Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down
Day 15: A Reprieve From the Sun
Day 16: Big Miles to Big Bear City!
Day 17: A Zero and Anxiety in Big Bear City
Day 18: A Peaceful Day on Auto Pilot
Day 19: Detour Schmeatour(Part 1)
Day 19: Detour Schmeatour(Part 2)
Day 20: I’m Lovin’ It!
Day 21: Up, Up, Up…
Day 22: Wrightwood Wonderfulness
Day 23: Sierra Training on Mt. Baden Powell
Day 24: Hittin’ the Road
Day 25: Trail Blazin’
Day 26: Hiking to Heaven
Day 27: A Zero at Hiker Heaven/The Saufleys
Day 28: Sun and Hills to the Andersons
Day 29: A Zero Done the Right Way
Day 30: Made it to Mile 500!
Day 31: Snow and Desert!?
Day 32: Mojave and Aqueduct
Day 33: Wind Farms and Rockin’
Days 34 & 35: Relaxin’ with Rockin’
Day 36: Winding and Waterless
Day 37: Deep into the Wilderness
Day 38: Water Challenges
Day 39: I’m a Survivor!
Day 40: Makin’ It Happen!
Day 41: Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
Day 42: Dry & Rocky Woods
Day 43: Goodbye Southern California!
Day 44: A Zero at Kennedy Meadows
Day 45: Heavy Load!
Day 46: Strength and Patience
Day 47: The Real Deal
Day 48: A Crash Course in Mountaineering
Day 49: A Long Nine Miles
Day 50: Forester & Kearsarge Pass
Days 51 & 52: A Nero and A Zero in Bishop
Day 53: Kearsarge Redux
Day 54: Exhausting White Treadmill
Day 55: Misery Loves Company
Day 56: A Much Need Break from the Snow
Day 57: A Great Day in the Sierras
Day 58: Solo in the Sierras
Day 59: A Nero at Vermilion Valley Ranch
Day 60: A Cold and Wet Return to the Trail
Day 61: Slipping & Sliding
Day 62: Sierra Snow Day
Day 63: Chillin’ at Red’s Meadow
Day 64: THIS is What I Imagined!
Day 65: Made it to Tuolumne Meadows!
Day 66: JMT Reality Check!
Days 67 & 68: Double Zero at Yosemite
Day 69: Half Dome!
Day 70: A Little Bit of Everything
Day 71: Living Up to the Hype
Day 72: Oh SHIT! Stream Crossings!
Day 73: Light at the End of the Snow & Water Filled Tunnel
Day 74: Sonora Pass
Day 75: A Tired, Cranky Camper
Day 76: No Flips, No Skips!
Day 77: A Walk in the Park…Sorta
Day 78: Tahoe Baby!
Day 79: A Packed Zero in Reno
Day 80: Goin’ Solo
Day 81: All Signs Pointing to Truckee
Day 82: Truckin’ to Truckee
Day 83: Back in the Thick of Snow
Day 84: DRY TRAIL into Sierra City
Day 85: Recouping and Recharging at the Red Moose
Day 86: Gettin’ Back in the Groove
Day 87: Oh So Close!
Day 88: Stayin’ Focused
Day 89: Belden Pit Stop…and Ugly Trail!
Day 90: HALFWAY!…The Hard Way
Day 91: Rest and Celebration in Chester
Day 92: A New Plan at Drakesbad Guest Ranch
Day 93: Ridin’ On
Day 94: HOT Hat Creek Rim
Day 95: HOT Hike into Burney Falls
Day 96: These Are the Days
Day 97: Delightful Day of Distraction
Day 98: Woods, Mt. Shasta, and TRAIL MAGIC!
Day 99: What a Wonderful Little World
Day 100: Rocks, Views, and A Parking Lot
Day 101: Celebrating Day 100 With A 30!
Day 102: The Tiring Rollercoaster
Day 103: Entertaining Etna Experience
Day 104: Wired Is Tired
Day 105: We Got A Hot One Here!
Day 106: My “Double Rainbow” Day!
Day 107: I’m Finally in OREGON!
Day 108 & 109: A Much Needed Nero and Zero in Grants Pass!
Day 110: Getting Off To A Good Start
Day 111: Feeling Strong
Day 112: Mosquito Country
Day 113: Crater Lake
Day 114: Big Miles For the Rookie
Day 115: Oregon High
Day 116: Buggin’ Out!
Day 117: Oh, the People We Meet
Day 118: Wired is Recharged!
Day 119: Three Sisters Wonderfulness
Day 120: Painful Trail and A Relaxing Stop
Day 121: Feelin’ the Burn
Day 122: Day of Silence
Day 123: Motivation and Miles
Day 124: An Eventful Day On Mt Hood
Day 125: A Long Hike HOME
Day 128: Easing into Washington
Day 129: Long Ups and Downs
Day 130: Urgh! The Uphill Climbs Continue
Day 131: Forest, Forest, Forest, MT ADAMS!
Day 132: Goat Rocks Therapy
Day 133: Amazing Goat Rocks…And A Rest
Day 134: An Enjoyable Washington Day!
Day 135: It’s Always Sunny In…Washington!?
Day 136: Heat, Hills, Hurdles, Huckleberries, and Trail Magic
Day 137: A Much Needed Break and Magic
Day 138: Snapped Out of My Funk
Day 139: A Day of Switchbacks
Day 140: Rainy, Gloomy… MAGICAL
Day 141: The Game of Rain Roulette
Day 142: A Mist-ical Day
Day 143: When It Rains, It Pours
Day 144: Bookin’ To Stehekin
Day 145: Now I’m Psyched!
Day 146: Epic Ending
Day 147: Taking It In
Day 148: Whoa, Canada!

After The Hike

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  1. My dear wonderful lady, when will you publish this book? 😛

    ❤and✌ from your dear friend and fan,

    Kristy P.

    • Aww! Hi Kristy! I still look back and read all this like it isn’t even me!


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